Toccando/ Luz y Sombra


The position of the hands shows an absent content which the viewer can then perceive and interpret through their own experiences.
“Toccando” plays with the double meaning of the words “sono mani che suonano.” Hands that touch and hands that play like an instrument. The intention is not to describe music or create the “life of sound” but rather to narrate musical inspiration which stars the beauty of the physical life.

With “Toccando/Luz y sombra” the artist has realized the drawing as a finished work and not simply a sketch for a painting. This is because her interest really is not to show light through colors as an expressionist might but through shadow. The monochrome possesses a synthesis that values the illusion of form. Darkness and night stops being an absence of light and instead are converted into present forces.
“Luz y sombra” is a profound silence where the duality of the human condition, day (beauty) and night (the sublime) converge into a romantic thought that searches for the light in the shadows and proclaims the beauty of the sublime.